Serving The Philadelphia - Southern New Jersey - Delaware Areas
Ernie's Guitar Repair specializes in:
Custom Electric Modifications:
Custom Acoustic Modifications:

Ernie's Guitar Repair
P.O. Box 164
903 Central Avenue
Minotola, New Jersey 08341
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Pickup and mic. installations
Pro slider EQ installations
Bone nut and saddle installations
Compensated saddles
Custom made pickguards
Complete electrostatic shielding of guitar's electronics.
(Shielding eliminates up to 100% of RF interference depending on the pickups used)
Installation of Floyd Rose licensed tremolos
Complete instrument wiring services
Custom wiring for any style configurations
Installation of pickups (active or passive)
Custom made pickguards
Setup and action work for both guitars and basses
Superlative re-fret work for both vintage and modern guitars
Fret leveling and crowning
World class acoustic neck re-sets and bridge re-glues
Complete restorations
Pro reconstruction work (i.e. peghead repair, body and top damage)
Factory quality refinish work